Creative Slump

Our photo club assignments for January and February are snow and barns.  I went out for a short walk Saturday with my camera, hoping to be inspired by something I saw…  But I just kept thinking… I already have lots of shots of snow and a few of a barn that I already like… Maybe I could cheat and use those…

That’s not the point of the assignment!  The point is to take new shots between meeting times – to force ourselves to try new things…  I must have been in too foul a mood to find new angles, ideas…

New “snow” shot:
White Spruce 2

Old “snow” shot:
Breaking Trail

New “barn” shot:
Boat Barn

Old “barn” shot:
Old Barn 4

I just like my older stuff better…  Guess I better get out there again and try something different…

7 thoughts on “Creative Slump

  1. This is such a busy time of year. I am a firm believer that our Muses take off the month of December. You’ll get those pictures, but not until after the new year.

  2. It’s hard to find pics with the days so short and light levels so low!

    I’d love to find a camera club for some inspiration… might be heplful.

    Lovely pics, btw.

  3. I agree it’s hard to be inspired when the days are cold and cloudy. We don’t even have snow so you’re lucky there. Keep goin’–your fans are waiting for your great photos.

  4. Also, on previous post, you mentioned how you like WordPress. I was in charge of maintaining a website that used WordPress and found it pretty hard compared to Blogger. Of course, you can do a lot more with WordPress that I can’t do–like having pages.

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