New Year’s Day Walk

Seems like every year I take a walk on New Year’s Day.  This year, it was with Emily and Lolli just up in the woods behind the park.  We took Emily’s camera – a pocket-sized point and shoot and snapped a few shots:

Jennifer and Emily
(What do you think of my new hat.  Terry bought it for me because I was always complaining… wishing I had a warm winter hat with a brim.  This hat is perfect for me.  Thanks, Terry.)

Emily and Lolli
Lolli was not very interested in having her picture taken.  She wanted to chase and carry her stick and dig holes, and chase and chase and did I mention chase?

There were plenty of tracks in the snow.  We saw the tracks of deer, mouse, red squirrel, gray squirrel, fox, cat, Lolli, other dogs, other humans…  and this:

Could it be shrew?
These tracks were much smaller than other mouse tracks we saw… We wondered if they could be the tracks of a shrew?  The hole was very tiny… no bigger than my finger:

The hole is tiny...
I’m going to guess they are shrew prints… But, please!  Correct me if you think I’m wrong!

I also love these photos Emily took of ice and crystals:



Happy New Year, everyone. May your 2009 be full of glorious nature walks!

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Walk

  1. Thank you Jennifer for you inpiration to get out and about in Nature. I have enjoyed your posts and have linked you recently (hope you don’t mind!). Your photos are wonderful!

  2. Happy New Year, Jennifer. I was thinking vole at first, but after googling both voles and shrews, I would agree it was probably a shrew. I also hope to take more nature walks in 2009 and hopefully share my photos and experiences through my blog.

  3. Looks like you all had a fun New Year’s Day walk.
    That’s a cool hat! I like your neck scarf too–I think I have some of that yarn at home in my stash.

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