9 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Subnivean

  1. Great photo of a subnivean rodent tunnel. Any idea about what made the tunnel? It is a bit difficult for me to judge the scale here – whether mouse or squirrel or other.
    I so admire your blogs filled with beautiful photos and informative and happy rambles.

  2. One winter we had what looked like a community of roadways branching out in all directions in our backyard. They looked similar to your photo. When the snow melted in the spring, we had that same roadway system in the grass – all chewed down to the roots – and several dead rodents that didn’t survive! Thanks for the new word!

    First time visiting here! I’ll be back! I just blogged about the fact that I love winter!

  3. Your photos are beautiful. This is my first visit because I’ve been trying to figure out a snowy track in my yard in Rhode Island. I think it might be a skunk because it looks like an animal that waddles. And I know we have skunks.

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  5. I learn so much by reading your posts. Subnivean is new for me and I can’t wait to share it! How I enjoy seeing nature through new eyes, which happens often when I read your musings.

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