Someone Has Been Here Before!

On the same day that I photographed the barn, I was struck by the number of animal tracks I saw…

These were coming up out of the woods on one side of the road, then crossing and disappearing into shrubs on the other side of the road:grouse
Ruffed Grouse

At the end of the day when I was walking back to my car, I scared the poor fellow out…  He flew up into some pines.

I tried to imagine exactly what happened here:Deer
White-tailed Deer

It looks like the deer was dragging its toes.  Then scratched for bit to get to the grass… And are those larger imprints from its nose?

Mouse and Squirrel prints were everywhere!
Mouse Highway and squirrel

Although I found myself wondering the difference between mouse and vole, red squirrel and grey…

 Now who do you suppose did this?
Curious Tracks
A shrew perhaps??

Something came up from Subnivea, ran around in a sloppy figure eight, and jumped back down under the snow.  Curious…

These prints were just outside one of the barn windows:

These were very tiny, too:
More Shrew Tracks, perhaps?

I suppose this could be anyone:

But I’m going to guess it was a mole.

It sure would be fun to see all the critters that left these tracks… But alas, I saw only the grouse.

8 thoughts on “Someone Has Been Here Before!

  1. What a great post! I love how you can identify those tracks. I had a book that showed the tracks but it didn’t help at all, they still all looked the same to me. Some people have it and some don’t. I’ll have to take close up photos of tracks and ask you! (BTW, I commented on a couple of your posts as fenwr by mistake. I forgot to logout of that wordpress blog and it automatically commented signed in.)

  2. The one of the bird beside the barn windows… do you think the bird hit the window and was trying to fly off, perhaps? I don’t know what it looks like in larger context, but what can be seen in the photo are three wing tracks in a row, like the bird was flapping as it was hopping, trying to get airborne.

  3. I used to love to track the “tracks” in the snow as a child. I would put out bird seed, fruit etc, in the woods near our home- leaving a “snow picnic” for the birds and animals, then come back and see what tracks I could see. Although I don’t live where it snows now that is a sweet winter memory your post brought back.

  4. Hi!
    You can tell the difference between mice, vole, red squirrel and gray squirrel by their straddle- the width of the track. Mice have the smallest straddle and gray squirrel. Voles make tunnels under the snow the subnervian layer. Here is a link to a book I wrote
    I”m hoping you can link to my website where people can see Mammal Tracks and Sign:Life-Size Tracking Guide.
    It’s waterproof and the tracks are life size.

    See what you think

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