Mozart’s Opossum

Terry ended up with the afternoon off and twisted my arm to join him for a snowshoe walk.  Mozart came, too, so we had to go down to Akeley Swamp, where dogs are allowed.  When I looked out the window, it was gray and dull… so I left the camera in my office…  Oh I would regret that a little later.

Mozart - a couple of years ago...After following the trail for a long while, we decided to go off the trail into a beautiful hemlock woods.  As we stood resting, sipping water, Mozart comes up proudly… with an opossum in his mouth.  He lay it gently on the snow… treating it sort of playfully – just like he treats his many, many stuffed toys.

The opossum lay there looking dead…  But they do that… as a defense.  I noticed that when Mozart pushed it with his nose, the skin crawled and the chest raised and lowered breifly.  That critter was playing ‘possum!

Why oh why do I EVER leave my camera behind when I go out in the woods?  I’m still chuckling…

8 thoughts on “Mozart’s Opossum

  1. I can relate to your frustration, Jennifer. The first time I put my 7 year old son in a kayak, by himself, I carried my camera along. I knew it was going to be a monumental occasion and wanted to capture it for all time.

    When I finally felt confident I could take my eyes off of him long enough to take a picture, I discovered I’d left the camera’s battery at home – plugged into the wall.


  2. You know, though, that if you had brought your camera, Mozart wouldn’t have found and brought you that opossum. I find the best observations tend to happen when one’s left their binoculars and/or camera at home… Murphy’s cousin, I think.

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