Quiz Time

Do you know your conifers?

The bark is sort of gray and scaly.

The branches droop dramatically.

The cones are 4-6 inches long with very stiff scales.

Usually found in plantations or landscapes, as it is not native to North America, though it has naturalized in some areas.

Click for the answer:

Norway Spruce (Picea abies)!

Did you get it right?

5 thoughts on “Quiz Time

  1. Yea, I got it right. Several years ago we attended your presentation on conifers. Norway spruce with it’s “drooping branches” is probasbly the only thing that stuck except, maybe, that Red Pines have large rounded tops.


  2. The White-winged Crossbills, says one friend, prefers the cones of the native White Spruce. The cones are smaller than those of the Norway, and I think that they open up earlier. The Norwary Spruce, says my friend, has cones that open up later and they then eat those and nest in the trees. I don’t have documentation about that. We’ll just have to watch. Ann

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