Dusk – SkyWatch Friday

I’ve been trying to get out on the trails as often as possible to get in shape for a cross-county ski weekend coming up.  Today, I went back to Akeley Swamp with skis instead of snowshoes.


I’ve been to this place 3 times in the last week.  The first time, the temperature was near zero.  The second… low 30s.  Today, near 40.  And do you see that front coming in?  Tomorrow they are saying:  back to the teens.

Gotta love winter!

Check out more images at the SkyWatch site.

8 thoughts on “Dusk – SkyWatch Friday

  1. That is a great SWF shot. You’ve captured a lot of different cloud formations and colors…even a bit of blue sky. You live in a very scenic part of the country. I enjoyed your other photos on your blog. Enjoy the weekend. Hi from rainy California.

  2. Jennifer,
    Please remove my exceedingly long message on your blog. I don’t know what got into me in writing this! I guess it was the late night hour and all the fresh air that got me typing in one fell swoop – and hitting the “say it” button without a proofreading thought. So kindly delete…

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