Pretty Cold at Camp!

As I type, Emily is on her way back to college.  Yesterday, we had a chance for one last ski together at… where else?… Camp Timbercrest.


It was a pretty day, if cold.  Temperatures in the teens, “RealFeel” in the single digits…  It took me until we got all the way over to the Sunset shelter before my fingers were warm…

We decided to ski out to the leanto…

The Leanto

I would so love to winter camp here…  Though it would be nice if the shelter faced the fire circle, rather than the creek…  hmmm…  Maybe another location for winter camping would be better…

View from the Leanto

We rested only briefly.  The cold settled in quickly… We needed to keep moving to stay warm.

Keyser Lake appears to be completely frozen over…  But I would never try to cross it… I know how deep it is!  I’ll stick to the roads and trails, thank you very much.

Road to the Lodge from the Units

A delightful day…

(Cross posted at the Camp Timbercrest Blog.)

9 thoughts on “Pretty Cold at Camp!

  1. Everyone says your children grow up so fast, to spend all the quality time with them that you can. That’s why we camp and hike together.

    Robert & I were out there yesterday, too. At Warren County Winterfest at Chapman State Park. Photos can be seen at
    About the last 10-11 pictures are from yesterday.

    We never got to camp there last year because the campground was closed for renovations. BTW, while us boys were out in the cold, Betsy, Elizabeth & Olivia went shopping !!

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  3. my son loves to winter camp in the mountains here- but I don’t think the temps get quite so cold even at the higher altitude. I love the pictures but will stay where it is warm!

  4. I applaud you. As much as I need to be out in nature, winter just doesn’t call me. I appreciate the beauty. But, I hate the cold. The few times I’ve bundled up and hit the trails, I’ve said, “This isn’t so bad, I should do this more.”, but it’s so difficult to even stick my nose out the door when the temps are so low. Here in Central Maine it has been hovering below zero for weeks.I know I’m missing alot.

  5. I like Winter also but right around now I get tired of driving in it, brushing snow off of my car and looking at huge dirty piles of snow in parking lots!

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