Nice Winter Walk

I hadn’t been outside with my camera in a long time.  I debated where I should hike, thinking about many alternatives.  In the end, I just took a nice winter walk along country roads.

Dave's Farm

Even here, there are choices.

Invitation?   Country Road

I opted for plowed, yet freshly dusted with sparkly powder.

At the bottom of that hill is a marshy beaver pond.  The dogs were braver than the people when it came to exploring:

Exploring the Beaver's Domain   Going to Pieces

I think a muskrat must have crossed the dam here at my feet…

Muskrat Tracks Perhaps

Today I was intrigued by shadows in the snow…  I could have taken hundreds more like these:

Winter Shadows

Roadside Sculpture

Sometimes a “hike” doesn’t have to be a hike at all… It can just be a stroll down country roads…

6 thoughts on “Nice Winter Walk

  1. Yikes !! That brings back some hair raising memories. Last time I was on a road signed ‘No Winter Maintenance’, I almost got stranded about 4 miles from nowhere.

    For some reason, my Chevy Blazer went electrically berserk and would not go into 4WD. By the grace of God, I managed to spin my way out. But, it was a REAL close call. I haven’t been too adventurous since.

    Oh – and the barn/silo photo is my favorite. Barns are cool !!

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