LASSes Ski

Not all plans materialize.  This week, the LASSes were supposed to rent the new cabin at the Girl Scout Camp for 2 or 3 nights, and spend the days skiing and/or snow shoeing…

Didn’t happen.  But two of us managed to sneak away for a 5-mile cross country ski at Allegany State Park.  We got a slightly later start than we had hoped, due to a flat on Concetta’s brand new van:

Lass' Flat

Thank goodness for cell phones and tow trucks…

Sad Lass

We skiied the Sweetwater and Christian Hollow loops at the Art Roscoe ski area at Allegany State Park.  The trails were well-travelled and kind of fast…  But we managed not to kill ourselves.  I didn’t lug my big camera around the trails this time, but persuaded a stranger to take our picture at the trailhead, at least:


We had a great time.  Hey, LASSes, we have nothing else on our calendars until May… Unless…  Any suggestions?

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