Tiny Hike

What will it look like in MayNine A.M. Six inches of fresh powder… I wonder if I will need my snow shoes. But no, someone was here before the powder and packed me a nice base.

“They” are predicting 24-hours of lake effect snow starting later this afternoon. A few early-arriving clouds are practicing off and on, ocassionally allowing sunlight through to add a sparkle to the snow.

The wind is in a particularly creative mood. She lifts great puffs of snow from the branches of the trees and directs the sparkling crystals in swirling dances through the sunlit air. She coaxes a great black cherry bow to play against the strings of a nearby hemlock. She adds percussion – the shushing rustle of a branch full of dry beech leaves, the clacky rattle of a single leaf on another branch. Birds join in… A blue jay’s loud jeer-jeer-jeer, the high-pitched, quiet teet-teet-teet from a small flock of exploring chickadees, a nuthatch’s nasal pnnt-pnnt-pnnt.

Not many animal tracks… a squirrel, a mouse, a deer. Holes in trees capture my attention. Pileated. Bark Beetles. Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers.

Pileated Has Been Here Bark Beetle Gallery Holes - horizontal rows

Time slips away as I practice taking pictures of nothing in particular with my new lens.

Cocoon on Cherry Bark Yellow Birch Bark Leaf Cocoon 1

I long for a heavier pack – one filled with tent, sleeping gear, food – so that I might set up camp and stay in the woods tonight.

This hike:

Access Point #4 to the Finger Lakes Trail is along ASP 3 inside Allegany State Park. It’s a little confusing because the pulloff for parking is on one side of a creek, and the entrance to the southbound section is on the other.

A little ways in, I crossed a snowmobile trail. I saw few sleds which is curious, since it was such a gorgeous winter day.

I posted more pictures on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenniferschlick/tags/tinyhike/

(Cross-posted at http://jenhikes.wordpress.com.)

7 thoughts on “Tiny Hike

  1. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I love coming back here and having a look. I could have used the picture of all your icicles in one of my posts yesterday. Do you give permission to use some of your photos? Just wondering.

  2. I found your site through Facebook (I too am on facebook) and since I also have a passionate relationship with nature I had to stop and take a peek. I love your photos and relate to the great joy you experience being with the natural world. You have a lovely blog. I enjoyed myself here. I have both a blog and website.

    My blog is at:
    You can get to my website from the side bar of my blog. I just did a slide show and post about trees.

    I love how you are so aware of the “seemingly” tiny details of nature. The details of nature forever intrigue me. Macro photography is so much fun, a new look at the world around us from such an intimate perspective. I hope to get a better camera at some point. I lose myself when I go into nature, with or without my camera. Such bliss. 🙂

    This was a morning treat.
    Thank you.
    Robin Easton

  3. Good Morning! I’ve missed your blogs of late. For some reason, my blog reader hasn’t been picking them up. Glad I finally checked in on you. Lovely entry, beautiful photos! That new lens had your name on it!! I was wondering who lived in the leaf cocoon once upon a time?

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