Not Quite Spring

One TreeThe top layer of leaf litter is thawed enough to offer a soft cushion under my feet… but I can tell the ground below is still frozen. The air is warm… relatively speaking. It’s misty.

I am in no hurry. It’s not really a hike, or even a walk. I’m not out for exercise, except for the dog. I just need to reconnect with the woods. I’m meandering.

The birds are very vocal. Crows. Blue Jays. Chickadees. Nuthatches. Cardinals. The air is just still enough that traffic noises are amplified, which annoys me… but I try to ignore it.

As I walk into the woods and down the hill to the creek, I scan the forest floor for any hint of green. I see Foam Flower leaves and Christmas Fern. The leaves of the Partridge Berry are complimented well by the bright red fruit. All of this was covered one week ago by several inches of snow.

Turkey Tail FungusAt the halfway point, I embrace a small but sturdy Oak Tree. I close my eyes and let the the sensations of a forest in transition fill my senses… and every cell of my body delights in it.

I sit on a log and watch the birds and listen to their songs and calls. I recognize many, but there are new ones, too. This is cavity-nesters haven! Chickadees. Titmice. Downy Woodpeckers. Nuthatches. They flit from one hole to another, engage in skirmishes, and scold each other. I try to find the source of a new song, but I am not successful. That’s OK. I’ll try again in a day or two.

8 thoughts on “Not Quite Spring

  1. Cool picture of this fungus – love the blue in it.

    I have a question, too. How familiar are you with hemlocks and fungus they might have? I have a (bad) picture of a large, waxy deposit coming out of our hemlock and can’t seem to figure out what it is online…

    — Marty

  2. Beautiful soft colours featured in the fungi Jennifer. Artistically, the colours and forms in this, and the winter fungi,are inspirational. I think I will also pay attention to the theory on your other blog, ther sit-spot theory, starting today. Thank you so much for ideas and motivation.

  3. Sound’s like a nice relaxing walk; Although I’m a little unsure of the purpose of “embrac(ing) a small but sturdy Oak Tree”? Either way you are clearly a talented photographer as your photos are emotive.

  4. What a beautiful fungus! I really enjoy your blog. It’s informative and fun to read. Your enthusiasm for your subject really shines through.

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