Oh no… It’s Happened…

Today, for the first time ever, except for when I would be doing a Birdathon or going to learn about bird banding, I went for a walk specifically to look for birds.  Oh dear… I wondered when it would happen.  And now it has.

Hard to see - Easy to hearThe morning was bright and sunny, though cold.  That was OK, though, because my feet didn’t get muddy, but just stayed on top of the frozen mud.

As soon as I hopped out of the car, I heard them… those high pitched whistles that I have come to associate with Cedar Waxwings.  Right there, but I couldn’t see them at first.  Finally, one or two of them moved… Then I realized the trees were just dripping with them.

Cedar Waxwing

The fruit on the crabapples seemed pretty unpalatable… dry, shrivelled.  But the flock gobbled them up greedily.  There were two or three dozen of them, along with some Robins – also eating fruit.  Chickadees hopped from here to there, but I couldn’t tell if they were also dining on crabapples, or if they were looking for something with more protein.  Coming from opposite directions were the songs of Northern Cardinals, too.

I headed for the field where the Woodcock dances…  I knew it was too late in the morning to actually find a Woodcock… but I hoped somebody else might be flitting around in the brushy old field full of dogwoods and goldenrod.  I saw no one, but heard both Chipping Sparrows and Song Sparrows.  Then it was into the woods…

Huthatch and CavityI walked quickly to try to get warm.  Partway to the creek, Red-bellied Woodpecker gurgled at me reminding me to stop and listen once in a while.  I paused and watched Crows and listened to Tufted Titmice and White-breasted Nuthatch.  Nuthatch showed me a hole in the tree…  His cavity for nesting perhaps?

Where he was heading I do not know, but one lone Canada Goose flew over, honking.

Down by the creek there was a very high-pitched tsee-tsee.  I recognized that sound and started scanning the bark of the trees looking for a Brown Creeper.  I never found him, but I’m sure that’s who it was.

As I walked I heard more Cardinals and saw a Blue Jay.  And as I headed out of the woods, the Crows went crazy!  Unfortunately, they were between me and the sun, so I couldn’t see who they were pestering today.  A hawk perhaps?  Or an owl?

Crossing the field, I heard several Killdeer, then saw them…

When I got home, I posted my list on the Western New York Birding blog.

It’s official… Despite much reluctance, I think I now qualify as an offical Birder.

Cross posted at Confessions of a Reluctant Birder.

16 thoughts on “Oh no… It’s Happened…

  1. It was enjoyable, wasn’t it! I have seen all those birds except for the elusive Titmouse. Few of them brave the flight over the lake. I went to the northern shore of L. Ontario this week hoping to find one, but no luck.

  2. Hello Jennifer,
    We’re so delighted to have discovered your blog, and we’ve added you to our ‘Awesome Nature Blogs’ blogroll. We’re so excited to see our first spring Cedar Waxwing, and your mention of Woodcocks was especially interesting, as we just scared one up today during a walk, and are now inspired to venture out this evening to see if we can find where they are doing their displays!

  3. I love cedar waxwings, they are my absolute favorite. Once, in Sherman NY, I saw a flock of them drunk on fermented berries. Such a beautiful bird, drunk or sober.

    Happy to report that our Canada goose is back again in our backyard. Was wandering around the swing set as I left for school this morning. A couple of other geese have joined our goose, but kept a respectful distance. Seemed to be eyeing the blueberry bushes. Hmmmm….

  4. Oh no, Mother! Say it isn’t so! Next thing you know you and Ruth and Linda O’Brien will be out on the trail with your binoculars craning your necks and intimidating random passerby with your unhealthy knowledge of local birds and their habits. 😦
    (No offense, Ruth and Linda.)

    Don’t forget about your wildflowers, okay? xoxo

  5. the uh, admitting part that is, lol

    I’ve noticed in the last few months, I have a permanent crick in my neck and that I keep my eyes on the sky more than the path or road ahead. Watch out for that!

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