A New Toy

I decided that it would be nice to have a little point and shoot camera that would fit in my pocket or purse… for hiking, backpacking, the classroom, etc.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Just something for snapshots.

After a moderate amount of looking around and reading reviews, I decided on the Canon PowerShot A1000 IS.  I have a lot of learning to do…  But this morning (4:30 am) I got up and took it out to the vernal pool to see how it would do in low light…

The path around the backyard ponds sparkled with glowworms.  I picked one up in my left hand, held the flashlight between my knees, and used my right hand to snap this photo:


Out at the pool, I got these:

Spotted Salamander Encounter


And just for fun, I recorded this Spring Peeper Chorus…

Hmm… I can’t figure out how to embed it here.  Guess I’ll have to figure that out!  You can go to flickr to hear it:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenniferschlick/3408562145/

OK, I figured it out.  (Thanks TGAW – though I had figured it out for my Gorge-ous post.)

I’m looking forward to giving this little camera a workout this spring…

12 thoughts on “A New Toy

  1. Fun! The salamanders are so mysterious-looking! How amazing that you have a pool where you can peer in and see such creatures! And glowworms? There is nothing cooler than bugs that glow (okay, there’s lots of cool things in nature, but glowy things are definitely high on the list).

  2. You got great shots with a flashlight! When you work with this camera for a while, you may decide you want one that does zoom too. There’s always another camera to covet. I’m on my fourth one!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for the information on a small, carry-along camera. Was it a very expensive camera? (like less than $150?)
    I was wishing for such a camera on my morning walk with Sophie and a red-tailed hawk flew right over us and landed in a tree next to the path.

  4. @Ruth: the a1000 was on sale at best buy for $149. same at walmart and several other places. i needed a memory card, batteries, and i opted for the Geek Squad protection package… so it was right around $230 by the time I was done. So far, i’m finding it to be very impressive. Took it to the theatre Thursday night to see how it would do, since i often photograph my husband’s shows. i was impressed there, too.

  5. OOh I can help you with that video. WordPress allows you to embed Flickr videos. I believe the syntax would be:

    It was an impressive chorus! Thanks for sharing.

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