Gone fishin…

Sunday I took my nephew fishing.  He had never fished in creeks before.  It was a nice, sunny day… but not exactly warm:

Spencer Observes Ice
In the shady corners, ice encased the roots and branches and rock ledges.

The water wasn’t as low as I had hoped it would be.  My usually crossing spots were still a little deep for our footwear.  Still, we managed to make it to a couple of nice pools:

The Edge of a Cliff

Standing on the little rock ledges, feet partially in the water…  a little different than standing on the end of a dock over the lake. 

There were a few nibbles in the creek, but no real hits…  We drove to Westfield – to where the creek dumps into Lake Erie. 

Gorgeous Day for Fishing

 Because more people fish here, we found more artifacts… including a hook that still held bait.  Spencer posed this shot just for fun:

Spencer Catches Enormous Fish

We never caught any fish.  But we did get one amazing fish story out of the day:

After walking all the way down to the beach and never getting more than a nibble, we decided to head for home.  While walking back upstream, we spotted an 18- or 20-inch fish (Steelhead?) in the shallows.  It had flopped up on some gravel and was doing some rather interesting hopping and jumping to try to get back to the deeper water.

I shouted, “Spencer, get your pole!  Look!”

Spencer said, “I’m going to get that one with my bare hands.”  He hesitated only briefly to warn me, “I’ll probably get really wet.”

“Who cares?  You have dry clothes in the car.  Go, Go, GO!”

He ripped off his jacket and headed for the water, which was fairly shallow at this spot in the creek.  He managed to get to the fish pretty quickly and had his hands on it several times… but it was pretty slippery.    It got away, then he caught up with it again, then it slipped away.  Spencer probably ran 100 yards downstream trying to capture that fish. 

And where was my camera?  Right in my pocket…  I was too caught up in the drama to remember to take it out!  What a great video that would have made, though!

Here’s my favorite shot of the day:


Thank you, Spencer!  I can’t think of a better way to spend a gorgeous Easter Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Gone fishin…

  1. Spencer DID have a great and memorable day! Thank you “Aunt Jenny” for taking that kid fishing. Your father – the fisherman, would be very proud that you took the time to share his passion with Spencer. You’re the BEST Aunt ever!

    Spencer’s Mom

  2. Not only does he take after his one grandfather but all of his great uncles and great grandfather were trout fishermen in the Poconos.

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