Nature at 55 (revisited)

White Trout LilyLast spring, I wrote about observing nature at 55 miles per hour.  That’s how I found the big patch of White Trout Lily (that I had been driving past for 9 years and never noticing).  I stopped again this year for more photos.


I also stopped at a couple of other spots that catch my eye as I drive and got these:

What are these?
I’ve never seen these any place else.  And they’re so perfect and colorful, I was sure they must be some sort of domesticated thing… But I think they are actually a wildflower!  Native to our area, even!  Moss (or Creeping) Phlox (Phlox subulata).  They are on a rocky, dry roadside bank on Route 60 (Foote Avenue) near “The Glen.”


White Trillium Closeup
Certainly I see these all over the place.  But there is one spot on the east side of Route 62 between the traffic light and Riverside Road where you can see a rather large patch of them.  White Trillium (Trillium grandiflora).


Marsh Marigolds
These, too, are everywhere.  But on the west side of Route 62 they spill into the ditches from a woodland creek and are just lovely…  Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris).

What caught your eye at 55 miles per hour?

4 thoughts on “Nature at 55 (revisited)

  1. Wonderful photographs of these delicate wild flowers. They are such a treat for the eyes and only bloom such a short time. I transplanted some anemones from the wild into a corner in my garden! They took over the area and were perfectly suited – almost like a ground cover. Loved them!

  2. At 65 miles per hour last weekend had to stop for a Golden Eagle! My blog post is titled “Stop the Car! STOP THE CAR!” Bet you’re familiar with that cry! Windflowers carpeting the embankment on a major road in Massachusetts the weekend before caused me to pull over to let out a sigh. They hadn’t made an appearance in Central Maine yet. Isn’t spring wonderful?

  3. The last really warm day we had all of the trilliums popped out along my drive. Those really caught my eye. I’m looking for the marsh marigold next!

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