There are lots of things in nature that proper naturalists aren’t supposed to like.  House Sparrows (alien invaders from Europe) take habitat from our native Bluebirds.  Garlic Mustard (another alien invader) takes habitat from our native wildflowers and changes the makeup of the soil over time affecting the critters that live in the leaf litter…

Another species that raises the ire of many proper naturalists is Carp (Cyprinus carpio).


Brought to this country in the 1800s as a game fish and food source, they have since fallen out of favor as a dinner option.  This may be wise when the fish are taken from polluted waters, which carp can tolerate quite well.  But taken from fresh water, they pose no threat to humans.  I had some once a long time ago and remember it being rather tasty.

This is a good time to see carp at Audubon as they are coming into the shallows to spawn.  Regarding reproduction, the NYS DEC site says this:

Carp display interesting spawning (reproduction) habits. During late spring and early summer, they thrash and splash their way into very shallow, weedy areas and broadcast their eggs. Their bodies are sometimes completely exposed out of the water and the splashing they make is quite a sight to see. A 20-pound female carp will lay nearly 10 million eggs.

My new little Canon Powershot has a video option and I was able to capture these videos of carp in action.  (Forgive the sound portion – it was a little windy.)

35 seconds:

10 seconds:

Learn More:

5 thoughts on “Carp

  1. Very interesting! Don’t know much about fish. How is your new book coming along…..Race for the Sun (insert question mark here….I’m on a French keyboard and don’t know where it is!)

  2. french keyboard? interesting… thanks for asking about the book. i’m taking lots of pictures to replace the ones I lost when my computer crashed… hope to have enough to finish the book by the end of this spring flower season…

  3. Hi Jen — I’m glad that you posted this note. I’ve been doing a bit of research about “alien species” for some of my writings. I was wondering if there is a good book or “handbook” that explores this topic?

    And I am wondering…can I pick up your first book through Bob? (and your second, when it comes out…)

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