North Side of the Creek

I visited College Park on May 1st and saw nearly 30 species of wildflowers on the south side of the creek.  (Click here for that post.)  I returned Sunday, May 3rd to visit the north side.  I knew I would add at least one species to the list because I remembered a rather sizable patch of Yellow Clintonia.  I found it, but only buds so far:

JCC-Yellow Clintonia2    JCC-Yellow Clintonia1
I’ll have to get over there this week to catch the blooming (of this AND others that are still in bud)!

I have been seeing leaves all over the place, but I also saw my first of the year Wild Geraniums:

JCC-Wild Geranium2      JCC-Wild Geranium4

Toothwort in bloom, and tight round buds on May Apples…

JCC-Toothwort      JCC-May Apple bud

3 thoughts on “North Side of the Creek

  1. I love wild geraniums. They seem to love our woods and come up volunteer around the house where I encouage them to grow. I have never seen the clitonia though.

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