Bells in the Woods – Part II

While searching for the perfect shot of Yellow Mandarin, I found these leaves that looked similar:

Rose Mandarin

But wait a minute!  Is that a PINK flower underneath?

Rose Mandarin

Indeed!  Another new flower for me:  Rosybells or Rose Twisted Stalk or Rose Mandarin.  Again, Latin names seem to be changing.  My Newcomb’s calls it Streptopus roseus.  The USDA plant database calls it Streptopus lanceolatus.  Threatened, endangered, or of special concern in several states, the plant database doesn’t even recognize its presence in New York.

Rose Mandarin

Peterson’s Guide to Edible Wild Plants suggests that young shoots make a nice addition to salads; the red berries that will appear later in summer, while mildly cathartic, make a “pleasant nibble.”  But I could never bring myself to eat a plant that is endangered!

3 thoughts on “Bells in the Woods – Part II

  1. As I mentioned in my comment to your last post, Rosy Bells or Rose Twisted Stalk grows pretty abundantly in parts of the Adirondacks. I find it in a state forest near Eagle Lake in Essex County NY, near Schroon Lake.

  2. Awesome find Jennifer. I am going to start looking under all of those stems now to see what is there instead of assuming it is “just another solomon’s seal” : )

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