Opening Day at SWAT

SWAT is Tom LeBlanc’s bird banding station inside Allegany State Park.  Tom opened the nets early on May 31st for the first banding session of the summer.  He wrote about it at his blog already.  I’m just getting around to it.

I was toting my new Canon Powershot to try to capture a few shots…  But Tom had me so busy banding that I took very few pictures.  (Thanks Tom!  I prefer the banding practice to the pictures anyway!  I appreciate your patience with me.)

So Sweet
Yellow Warbler

Mama and Papa
Red-winged Blackbirds – female and male

There were plenty more birds:  Catbird, Robin, House Wren, Common Yellowthroat, Chickadees, and others…  These are the only ones I managed to take pictures of…

Tom also gave Carolyn some practice removing birds from the nets:

Carolyn and Tom

It was a good day.  Just busy enough for the first time of the year!  (And thanks to Jordon who slept through most of it, giving me a chance for more practice.  hahaha…  That picture is on Facebook!)

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