A Prince at Girl Scout Camp

I went with Maddie last Saturday to Girl Scout Camp Seven Hills.  She had a life guarding gig and I had never seen the camp, so…  While she made sure nobody drowned, I walked around the very small lake to see what I could see.

One of my favorite finds was a newly emerged Prince Baskettail dragonfly.  I snapped this shot on my way around the lake…

Prince Baskettail Teneral

And this one on my way back…

Prince Baskettail

I watched him for quite some time after taking pictures.  It was very breezy and he was being tossed this way and that.  Just before he flew for the cover of nearby trees, he quivered and shivered for 10-15 seconds.

Prince Baskettails are quite large and seem to prefer ponds, lakes, and streams that are near wooded areas.  Adult males develop pretty green eyes.  I have yet to find one at Audubon…  But I have seen them at Camp Timbercrest and at RTPI.  I’ve only managed to photograph tenerals (newly emerged adults)… Because usually when I see them, they are patrolling at about shoulder height – back and forth and back and forth right in front of my eyes…  teasing, “You can’t catch me!  Not with that net, not with that camera!”

3 thoughts on “A Prince at Girl Scout Camp

  1. That thing is huge! Great photos. Since I went to the Nature Pilgrimage last year, I started paying attention to dragonflies. I didn’t realize how many different kinds there are.

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