Feather Quiz: The Answers

And here are the answers:

1 – Eastern Towhee

2 – Common Yellowthroat

3 – Yellow Warbler

4 – Ruffed Grouse

Bonus question:  You can keep feathers from game birds.  It is illegal to possess the feathers of other birds unless you have a permit.  So, the Ruffed Grouse feathers could be taken home…  and were!

5 thoughts on “Feather Quiz: The Answers

  1. Great quiz, only one I got right was the Yellow Warbler. That yellowthroat feather looks very greenish when it’s not on the bird – if I didn’t know your location, I would’ve said Green-tailed Towhee. 🙂 And I was expecting the final one to be starling when you said one wasn’t illegal, except they didn’t look anything like starling feathers.

    To Pam, I think it’s only the law insomuch as it’s illegal to possess or handle or harrass wild migratory birds (as per the Migratory Bird Act), and although by picking up a feather from the forest floor you’ve had zero impact on the wild bird itself, there’s no way to confirm that you didn’t take that feather by capturing or harassing the bird. Same with collecting nests in the winter – no way to know how you obtained the nest or whether the bird was done with it when you took it. So best just make it a blanket clause – it’s illegal to take or possess wild birds or anything to do with them without a permit. Now, non-native birds like starlings and House Sparrows don’t fall under these laws, so you’re free to collect their feathers, or even raid their nests and raise the babies as pets if you wanted, and it wouldn’t be illegal. Indeed, there’s lots of videos on YouTube, for example, of pet starlings.

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