Three Warblers

We had three different species of warblers last Saturday.  Two are pretty common throughout the continent.  Scroll down slowly and see if you know them before you get to the text below each picture that gives you the names:

Common Yellowthroat Female

Common Yellowthroat Male

Did you guess: Common Yellowthroat?

How about this one?

Yellow Warbler

You’re right if you said Yellow Warbler.

The third warbler from last Saturday is an eastern bird:

Blue-winged Warbler
Blue-winged Warbler

According to Cornell, the Blue-winged Warbler has expanded its range northward during the last century… Maybe it will expand to the west in the next century?

3 thoughts on “Three Warblers

  1. The northward warming may be an effect of increasing temperatures. I don’t want to pin everything on global warming, but it would be interesting to see a study done about this.

  2. Nice shots of all of them. I have still never seen a BWWa or GWWa. If we ever get nice weekend weather, I might have to make a journey out to find them!

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