Bird (?) Boxes

One box on my route has consistently had hair in it.  Once when I checked it, there was also a big old bumblebee on the top of the hair.

Bumblebee Nest?   Bumblebee Nest?

I asked a fellow nest box monitor about it and she said that it is not uncommon for bumblebees to do something like that in a box.  I decided to leave the hair and see what happened.  If it was a bumblebee nest, I thought it would be interesting to observe.  Earlier this month, though, there was still lots of hair, but no evidence of bees, so I removed the hair.

Yesterday, when I returned to that box, there was more hair…  And this time, I met the culprit:  not a bumblebee at all.

Who is that in my box?
01-Who is in my Bird Box

Come on out… Show your face…
02-Come on - Show your face

03-Hello Little Mousie

You look sleepy… Did I wake you?
04-You look sleepy-did I wake you

I think I’ll name her BumbleMouse.

10 thoughts on “Bird (?) Boxes

  1. What a find! Your shots of the mouse are adorable! That little pink paw just got to me! I’d be glad to have them find a snug home outdoors so they didn’t try to come into my house — where my three cats would kill them. Where is the mouse finding all that hair?

  2. I have had a mouse nest in a bird box for the last 2 years–gave up on it for anything else. My winter wren house does have a bumble bee nest in it. I let that go too–they are good pollinators for the garden.

    The mouse photos are really nice.

  3. Love it! What a great series of photos, and what an interesting resident in the bird-house! If we’re not mistaken, that’s deer hair in the nest — if broken in half, it should be hollow inside, and there is probably a deer carcass in the vicinity.

    That mouse has certainly found a cozy home, and made it even cozier. Perhaps there will babies soon?

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