I finally decided to buy a Canon 100-400mm lens… I found it online at a place called Bingo Cameras.  They had several summer deals.  I was a little hesitant, because who buys from a company called Bingo?  Still, it looked like a good deal, so I placed my order.

This evening when I got home, someone from Bingo called me and tried to talk me into a different lens – real salesman-y.  I hate that.  I held my ground and said I wanted to stay with my original order.

When I signed onto my email this evening, there was a note from Bingo Cameras saying they had cancelled my order because the were “oversold”.

Can you say, “Bait and Switch”?

I don’t think I’ll do business with Bingo again.

12 thoughts on “B-I-N-G-O

  1. Yeah, you got to be careful with some places. I find the B&H is the best, safe, prompt and good prices. Anyway, from what I’ve seen, you will love the 100-400, I have a Nikon 80-400 and it’s great.
    Good luck!

  2. Jennifer- Looks like BINGO is a total scam


    Seriously though, I’ve purchased all my stuff from B&H in NYC, it’s an amazing company, and they do have the cheapest prices typically (although sometimes Amazon beats them), because they are such a high volume dealer. If I were buying the 100-400 5.6L new, I’d get it from them without any hesitation. You might want to consider KEH if you are thinking buying a used one, I’ve never bought anything from them but they are reputable and I’m on their website all the time.

    Anything cheaper than the B&H or Amazon prices is typically a scam. Sorry about this experience, I know how it is to decide to pull the trigger on a purchase then have said item ripped right out of your hands- overstock.com once sent me the wrong camera deliberately, and didn’t even include a packing slip hoping I wouldn’t notice that I didn’t receive the model that I had ordered. Fortunately it was just a cheap point and shoot (Fuji F20) but still, I was mad, and they ended up refunding my purchase and the shipping.


  3. Thanks for all the commiserating, support, and advice. I have now placed my order with B&H and am trying to forget about Bingo… forever! Turns out when a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is.

  4. I’m glad to know that. I’ve never heard of B&H but will note that for my future purchases in the camera department because it sounds like everyone likes them. Make sure to give Bingo a bad rating on internet reviews and warn others of their practice.

  5. You need to title your blog post “Bingo Sucks” so other shoppers, who have the foresight to Google the company see your post. You’ll be surprised how many hits “XXX Sucks” gets. I suspect it’s very effective in driving outfits like Bingo either to honesty or integrity, or out of business. Their choice.

  6. “Seriously though, I’ve purchased all my stuff from B&H in NYC, it’s an amazing company…”

    Thank you. This, and all the other positive comments, are very much appreciated.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  7. Hi Jennifer

    I enjoy your blog and was sorry to see your experience with bingo. I have a background examining this type of fraud. Please keep an eye on the credit card you provided bingo for the purchase. May not be a problem but it is good to err on the cautious side.

    Best Regards


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