Volunteer Trail Guide Thank You Field Trip

At the end of the busy school fieldtrip season, we like to take our volunteers to someplace different.  This year, we chose the Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve and Environmental Education Center:  8 miles of trails through a variety of habitats including some very, very old trees, and a newly designed green nature center building.  Everyone brought a dish to pass and we had a fabulous lunch!

Green Frog on Rock
A Green Frog let me get fairly close for a picture… then jumped…

Green Frog in Water
…and let me take another picture.

Sweet Viburnum or Nannyberry
I’ve been seeing this around, but never looked it up.  The nice thing about going hiking with a whole group of naturalists is that someone in the group is bound to know the answer to your question!  We all learned from each other.  This is Nannyberry or Sweet Viburnum.

Cement Walk by the Cattail Marsh
We like to visit other nature centers to see if we can steal any ideas.  We kind of liked this cement walk through a cattail marsh… We wondered what it would be like after a rain!  Could be fun.

FrogWatch Sign
Ginger was our guide.  Her FrogWatch signs were much cuter than Jeff’s.

Garter Snake
Rex caught and calmed an Eastern Garter Snake so we could all get a nice picture.

Two Toads
Holly and Karen caught these fine American Toads… or should I say chameleons???

Interpreted Trail Idea
I like this idea for an interpretted trail!  No paper booklets to get lost or littered… inexpensive… easy to replace, or even change by season.   May try to get our Junior Naturalist group to create some for our trails!

Rex with Northern Water Snake
Rex caught and calmed a Northern Water Snake for another reptilian photo opp.

Karen Hugs a 255-year-old Beech
There were some might old trees on the property.  This American Beech is reportedly 255 years old.  Karen practices her tree-hugging skills.

Pink Water Lilies 4
Reinstein is quite famous for the pink water lilies, which choke the ponds of any native lilies…  Very pretty, though!

It is always fun to reverse rolls – be the guests and let someone else lead the walk.  Many thanks to Ginger for the outdoor tour, and Meghan for the indoor tour (which I missed because I had to go back out and get some photos of the Scarlet Pimpernel).

6 thoughts on “Volunteer Trail Guide Thank You Field Trip

  1. What a beautiful creatures. I’ve never seen American Toads before. Do they really change color or do they belong to the same specie but have different color? Has it smth to do with their gender?

    The snake is beautiful too. Must have a good vision with such big eyes )

  2. As always, beautiful photos. Thank you for taking the time to photograph and share your life with us. It’s 108 in the desert today, your pictures are like a breath of fresh, cool air.

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