Parents and Babies

At this time of year at the banding stations, it is not uncommon to catch newly fledged birds.  Often we catch adults and babes in the net at the same time, like the sparrows I posted yesterday, and these Yellow Warblers:

Yellow Warblers - Juvenile and Adult

Yellow Warbler - Juvenile

Another fun capture was a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak baby.  We were loaded up with birds and I didn’t get a picture.  Here’s a picture of siblings from last year at SWAT:

Rose-breasted Grosbeak - Female and Male Juveniles

Last Saturday at CLDC we caught just the one female baby, and she squawked like crazy the whole time we had her.  Mom came very close to the banding station with her bill full of food.  When we released Baby, Mom flew after her, ready to stuff that food down her throat, no doubt.  I hope we didn’t traumatize Baby or Mom too much.

Here is another set of parents and babies I happened to catch on “film” the same day:

The Proud Parents, Aunts, and Uncles (except me)

The Cousins

Are these babies as cute as the Yellow Warbler?

5 thoughts on “Parents and Babies

  1. Hi Jennifer. Sorry to have to contact you through a comment, but I couldn’t find a contact link on your website. I FOUND your website because I have a daily google search for the term Nature Nerd, and I found an old (2007) blog post of yours. I thought maybe you would like to add your name to my list of certifiable nature nerds and help me collect more names to tell the world that it is time for the Nature Nerds to come out of the closet!! Or at least, for Heaven’s Sake, to COME OUTSIDE!

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