First Few Shots with the New Lens

Despite a hectic day at work, I managed to snap nearly 150 shots with my new Canon 100-400mm lens.  I need a lot more practice, but I can tell already:  I’m really going to like this lens!!!

Green Frog
Green Frog

Common Whitetail Dragonfly
Common Whitetail



Mallard Mama
Mallard Female

Red-winged Blackbird
Red-winged Blackbird

13 thoughts on “First Few Shots with the New Lens

  1. Wow Jennifer -those photos are superb.You must be thrilled with that new Canon lens.The yarrow jumps right out at you…and the frog is wonderful. Congratulations on some beautiful shots. I like that photo of you on the side-bar too.

  2. Yee-ha WW, those pics are so sharp they almost make my old eyes hurt !! Seriously they are WONDERFUL !

  3. Sweet! Count me among the admirers of your yarrow photo, very nice colors & DOF there. Looking forward to what else you conjur up with the assistance of your new tool!

  4. Hmm…Very nice, I’ve been pondering a super telephoto from Canon….keep them coming Jennifer! How much are you cropping these? Can you get a full frame shot of the common whitetail with this lens? How close will it focus?


  5. Some are cropped, some not. For example, Mallard isn’t cropped at all. RW Blackbird and Common Whitetail are cropped some, though not extensively. I have to be at least 6 or 7 feet away to focus. I’m reading a book on closeup photography, though, and keep hearing about a closeup “filter” for this lens… Haven’t had time to research it.

  6. Thanks Jennifer. I’m thinking of renting this lens sometime from Lensrentals. I’d really like the 400 5.6, but the zoom lens is just so much more versatile.


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