Oops… the ISO setting!

I bumped up the ISO to take a few shots inside without flash… Then forgot to put it back down again… So these shots are a little grainy, but, still, I was excited to think my lens could “reach” them!

Eastern Cottontail
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

American Bullfrog

Painted Turtle and Mosquitoes
Painted Turtle

Do you notice the black specks on the turtle photo?  Those are mosquitoes.  On Tuesday, we suddenly had a big hatch of some species of mosquito that is voraciously hungry for blood.  I have not been bothered by mosquitoes all summer… until this week!  It was comical to watch this turtle trying to swat the pesky buggers away!  (And yes, despite practically bathing in insect repellent, I came away with more than a few bites myself!)

5 thoughts on “Oops… the ISO setting!

  1. Amazing how close and clear you can get with the right lens. I wish I had bought a DSLR but the cost of lenses turned me off. I could have bought one at a time over time and then had something of quality in the end for years to come. Really nice photos!

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