Chautauqua Mini-Vacation

On Tuesday, I spoke at the Bird, Tree, And Garden Club at Chautauqua Institution.  What a delightful group of people!  I gave my slide show called “Confessions of a Reluctant Birder” which is really about my birding heros – the people who are working their magic to get me hooked on birds:  Elaine Crossley (the Bluebird Lady), Tom LeBlanc (and his assistant J), Chuck Rosenberg, and Scott Stolson (and his team: Emily, Linda, Don, and Mike)… among others.

I got to Chautauqua early and gave my new lens a walk around the grounds.  Still need much more practice!  But here are a couple of shots I liked:

Purple Martins
Purple Martins

American Crow
American Crow

I also took dozens of garden flowers… but none were all that spectacular…

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