One of the reasons I wanted the longer lens: Dragonflies! They were always just out of reach with my kit lens. The weather has been weird and we haven’t been seeing as many as in some summers… But here are a few I’ve managed to capture:

Blue Dasher
Blue Dasher

Eastern Pondhawk - Male
Eastern Pondhawk – Male

Common Whitetail Dragonfly
Common Whitetail (OK, I’ve posted this one before…)

I also saw Widow Skimmers and Black Saddlebags yesterday – but they wouldn’t light anywhere close enough for a picture…

We usually see so many more species and individuals. How are the dragonflies this year where you live?

10 thoughts on “Dragonflies

  1. Cold weather = non-flying dragonflies. I’ve been trying to do a survey for the City of Columbus but my days off have never had good dragon weather. It is crazy.


  2. At most any pond around me, I see pretty much the same species you note here. Sometimes there’s an Eastern Amberwing thrown in and almost always a Green Darner. I usually have to venture to streams or wooded areas to see more species.

  3. These pics are fun for me to see, as I was standing right there when you took them. They are even more interesting to see in close up!

  4. Your photos are beautiful Jenn. I could easily get hooked on dragonflies!
    One of my Master Naturalist classmates and his son are really getting into them and they keep getting distracted from monarch larva monitoring to watch dragonflies. He was telling about catching and holding them so his wife could take photos–he’s really enthusiastic and it’s so fun to listen to him (probably like me talking about birds!)

  5. Your photos are really good. I haven’t seen many different kinds here in southern Maine this summer. Odd weather, I guess.

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