Moon Walking

I was 12.  I was at Girl Scout Camp.  Camp.  No flush toilets.  No showers.  No phones.  No TV.  (and no other electronic stuff because it wasn’t invented yet…)  Roughing it.  And we loved it…

And then there was a TV in the dining hall.  What???  Why?  We NEVER had a TV in the dining hall before?…  And we all went up to the units to get into our jammies, but instead of going to bed, we came back to the dining hall.

We watched and waited.  Some of us dozed.  Finally they sent us to bed…  In the morning, though, the TV was on again…  We saw in re-runs what we had been trying to see live:  The first human steps on the moon.

This picture stolen shamelessly without permission from the NPR website.

Are you old enough to remember?  Tell your story here!

3 thoughts on “Moon Walking

  1. I was 14 and at summer camp too. There were no TVs but an adult turned on a car radio and we crowded around to listen to the broadcast. I remember the day well, but I hate to say that at that age I was more interested in the boys at the co-ed camp. 😉
    …silly teenagers!

  2. I watched the moon walk (don’t remember if it was live or a re-run) and then my father and I took our dog out for a walk and let him run. I remember walking along in the night and talking about the space walk, looking out to the night sky and being filled with wonder at what our astronauts had accomplished – and witnessed by so many Americans!
    But then my thoughts turned back to the here and now of a warm summer evening and thoughts of paddling and camping. I remember thinking how good it was to be earthbound with all of its humble pleasures.

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