Cornell’s All About Birds website describes the Common Yellowthroat as a bird “far more frequently heard than seen”… which is why I was so delighted to catch a few shots of one in a scrubby area at Camp Timbercrest.  This one turned out the best:

Common Yellowthroat

I was at camp to pick up my daughter for dinner as she had her night out.  While I waited for her, I skulked in the scrubby area beneath the powerline which was full of birds, mostly hidden in the deep foliage.  I made a pishing sound which seemed to make a few brave individuals curious.  The Yellowthroat danced from branch to branch looking in my direction.  “I just want pictures,” I reassured him.

A daring Gray Catbird kept peeking out, but never came fully out onto a branch.

Gray Catbird

I could have stayed much longer “shooting” birds.  But my battery went dead, and my daughter arrived…  Can’t wait to go back for more.  (It’s addictive.)

11 thoughts on “Birds!

  1. Hi !!!
    I’m envious. Nice shot of the Yellowthroat. Warblers are so difficult, being more often heard than seen, and seldom sitting still when they are seen.

  2. I shoot birds all the time too. I haven’t come up with a better word other than “shoot”. Still, I can’t help think of the early naturalists who did shoot birds, and how now we have these great optical systems to shoot birds instead of guns.


  3. I find the Common Yellowthroat easy to find because of its song. I took a number of pictures of them today, singing on the tops of dead trees at noon. Alas, we haven’t seen the sun for days, which is why your picture is perfect and mine are dull. Looks like you have had rain too, but at least the sun shone through.

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