An Indigo Bunting Day…

Unfortunately, yesterday was the last opportunity I’ll have to go bird banding with Tom this summer.  Luckily it was a great day.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  So… All the pictures on this post were “lifted” from Melodee’s and Diana’s Facebook accounts!  Thanks, ladies.

Often when we head out for a net check, one or more of us “call” a bird.  That is we say something like, “OK, this net check, I want an Indigo Bunting Male in full breeding plumage.”  Here’s Melodee, having gotten her wish:

Melodie's Indigo Bunting

The theme of the day was Indigo Buntings:  We caught 2 males and 2 females…  I know some were re-captures and some needed bands, but I can’t remember the exact details.  Aren’t they gorgeous birds?

I got to meet Melodee’s friend, Diana.  Here she is having just learned the “photographer’s hold” with a Gray Catbird.

Diana and Catbird

Carolyn joined us, too, and earned the honor of banding this bird because she was the only one who could identify it!

Carolyn's Redstart

Did you get it?  American Redstart.  Way to go, Carolyn!!

Melodee took this one out of the net, but I knew what it was, so I got to band it:

Magnolia Warbler and Me
Magnolia Warbler

I didn’t get out as much this summer as last because of a busy work life and because of preparations for my class reunion (next weekend)…  But I think I learned a few things and hope to find some other banding opportunities before winter hits…

Thanks to Tom and his crew for all the fun and learning!


6 thoughts on “An Indigo Bunting Day…

  1. Seeing all your photos makes me wish I would have tried to join you guys at least once….but I don’t get up that early. To hold an Indigo Bunting would be something I want to do sometime in my lifetime. We saw so many of those gorgeous birds up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I couldn’t get enough of them! I love your birding accounts and photos. You have a great blog (even though you keep forgetting your camera 🙂

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