Eastern ForktailWhen I went to Girl Scout camp (a billion years ago), there were several staff members who didn’t have their own group of girls to camp with:  the lifeguards, the camp director, the maintenance staff…  So we used to invite them to come to our units for cookouts.  We actually made written, decorated invitations.  We picked flowers to make a centerpiece for the table…  Wow.

I remembered all that because today, I (the camp director) got an invitation…  verbal, not written… but welcome, just the same.  Not for a cookout, but something more fun!  The kids in the Nature Safari group invited me to go dragon-hunting with them.  And it just so happens that today, the weather cooperated and there were all kinds of dragons flying!

Eastern Pondhawk Male
Eastern Pondhawk

Common Green Darner - female
Common Green Darner (female):  Actually, we didn’t see the female when I was out with the kids… I found her later, after the kids were gone.  But during camp, Allie actually caught a male while at the pond!!  Unfortunately, he wiggled free before getting a photo.

Blue Dasher
Blue Dasher


Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Also flying, but unphotographable: Widow Skimmers, Common Whitetails, Spreadwings, Other Damsels… It was a good day for Odes.

7 thoughts on “Invitations

  1. These are wonderful photos of the dragonflies. I often try to photograph them and they refuse me. As soon as I get close enough for a shot, they fly. Your lens must be so wonderful to have!

  2. Great photos, Jennifer! I try and try to photograph the dragonflies but often without much success. You have definitely captured their varied beauty!

  3. Dragonflies are fun to find and identify.-I haven’t done enough of that.-Some of those I’ve seen and some I haven’t-or at least didn’t notice.-Nice collection of photos.

  4. I agree with Rita, what a great way to spend the day. Given this group of dragonflies I assume you were either wearing rubber boots or got very wet.

    Nice photos, helps the rest of us identify these great creatures.


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