McCrea Point Boat Landing

It’s not that far from my house and I drive by it frequently.  For some reason, I rarely stop…  Last Sunday, though, I had an itch to continue practicing with my new lens, so I decided to see if there were some gulls or ducks that I could reach with 400mm. I was not disappointed!


Two Ducks

Mallard w Reflection

I was also quite delighted to see gorgous Fragrant Water Lilies open in the morning sun:

Water Lily

Water Lily

And of course, Purple Loosestrife:

Purple Loosestrife 2

McCrea Point is an excellent place to launch a canoe or kayak… Head upstream toward Chautauqua Lake and you are apt to see all  manner of wildlife…  herons, dragonflies, turtles, frogs…  You’ll also see old, grown-over slips where the steamers used to dock… history and natural history abound.

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