On Vacation…

I live in a beautiful area…  I’ve been on vacation all this week (and will continue through Labor Day).  There is no reason to travel far…  I’ve been to…

Allegany State Park

Reflections and Rocks 2

Griffis Sculpture Park

Metal Sculpture

Niagara Falls

American Falls

… all less than 1/2 a tank round trip from my house…

It is amazing how a few days away from the routine can refresh.

6 thoughts on “On Vacation…

  1. We take all of these places for granted. The Falls are a Wonder of the World, and we think, “Oh, another daytrip.” Nice to see some people still cherish these places.

    I think my favorite sculpture is the Mantis. I spent so many great times riding that thing as a kid!

  2. Good message — create refreshing trips to take when the need arises — all things in nature are amazing so it should be fairly simple to figure out one nearby — at least that is what I aspire to do after reading your post! — Barbara

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