Your Feedback Appreciated!

OK, I’ve taken enough photos for Project #2… (never!!!) I’m only allowed to turn in 10.

Now, to cull… to find the ones that have artistic merit, but also help convey the idea that when man pushes on nature, nature pushes back

Any help you want to give would be greatly appreciated! Go to any of these pages and leave comments about photos that really caught your eye. Most will need some post-processing – your suggestions on that also appreciated! Would some look better in Black and White? Cropped differently? Whatever…

Thanks in advance for your help!

6 thoughts on “Your Feedback Appreciated!

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    you have a lot of interesting photos in those posts, but for me, the one that stands out most is ‘Window with goldenrod and pigeon’ (from the ‘Abandoned Building’ set).

    If you want to emphasise the ‘abandoned’ aspect of it, I would suggest cropping closely on the window. Maybe bring in the sides so that the window-sill fits across the whole frame, or even closer in. You could also bring the bottom up a bit, to the crenellations, and maybe drop the top too. That makes the window a frame for the darkness in the middle, which contrasts well with the yellow of the flowers.

    I would also drop the ‘pigeon’ from the title. By mentioning the pigeon and the goldenrod you’re forcing the viewer to bounce around between the two. If you just mention the goldenrod, the viewer will concentrate on that, and the darkness behind it, which further emphasises the abandonment of the building.

    Hope this helps!

  2. All of these pictures are interesting and I enjoyed each of them. I think the one I like the very best is the weeds in the driveway- I loved the pattern and color contrast- gorgeous!

  3. I liked these:

    The first one in the car set: the goldenrod reflection.
    The last one in bottles: the plant growing through the cracked bottle.
    The last one in barbed wire
    Second hay loader 2
    and the first two in abandoned building.

    Just my own person aesthetic.

  4. Tony, interesting suggestions… The picture is already cropped some… but I will have to try it with your suggestions, too. I like some of the other graphic elements in the current cropping, but can see your point.

    Dee, ahh… but which weeds in the driveway shot is your favorite?

  5. I enjoyed your photo collection. Thanks for sharing it! In terms of your theme of nature pushing back, I agree with Tony. The building being reclaimed by nature works best for me, and I would crop around the window as well. Incidentally, there is an interesting description of nature reclaiming a house in Alan Weisman’s book “The World Without Us”.

  6. LOVED ‘wagon 6’ and the very first ‘weeds in the driveway’ photo — we’d put in votes for those two to be among your ten. The weeds in the driveway really captures the idea of nature ‘pushing through’ when we’ve tried to pin her down, and the photo is also very pleasing to the eye. ‘wagon 6’ is a marvelous play of shadow and light, and the juxtaposition of something made by humans which is now rusting away into the soil, right next to what we might call ‘new and rising life’ demonstrates the whole circle of humans’ creations eventually being recycled back into nature.

    Well done on all!

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