France Brook Road

Beech LeavesFrance Brook Road is a one-lane dirt road through Allegany State Park. It is beautiful in any season… but especially today after an early October snow storm.

There are several beaver colonies along this road. I stopped by one of the Beaver Ponds that I have visited before during spring and summer. There were a couple of goldenrod plants near it that looked so cool covered with snow:


The snow kept coming down… from the clouds, but also it would fall off the branches in big loud plops.


I walked further up the road…

France Brook Road

I came upon a beaver colony that I didn’t know was there… Guess I never walked this far, and I never noticed it when I drove this road, either…

Beaver Lodge

I kept thinking I saw a beaver swimming out near the lodge, but I decided it was more likely snow plopping off branches…

Edge of the Beaver Pond 3

I took 283 photos… oh my…

6 thoughts on “France Brook Road

  1. Nice photos, Jen. You got quite a bit more snow up there than we did. I see now what you meant on Facebook this morning about breaking limbs.

    Our electricity was off for two hours this morning, but that’s not unusual. All you have to do is sneeze here and the power goes out.

  2. I’m glad you had the snow instead of us, as I’ve not yet had my fill of autumn. I really like the reflection and road shots—both lovely and wintery.

    Those 283 photos are the real blessing of digital that often feels like a curse. I regularly spend a few hours afield and come home with 200-400 shots! And not just mindless shoot-anything images, but things I’ve paid attention to and worked for their details; stuff I don’t want to toss, but have no idea whether or not I’ll ever use…and of course have to now store on some form of gigabyte space.

    Nice post.

  3. Yikes. We had some snow in the morning here too, but not that much! Looks like winter is riding Autumn’s tail! But the richly coloured leaves frosted with a layer of white snow is beautiful.

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