A Couple of Critters

I took a long walk at Audubon yesterday toting the camera… Couldn’t resist taking a few shots of our latest adoptee – we’re calling her “Angel Wing” because of the condition of her wing.

Angel Wing

She cannot fly and will most likely spend the winter in Audubon’s backyard where we keep a portion of the pond free of ice through the use of a bubbler, and where she will munch on birdseed kicked out of the feeders by other birds.

I also happened on this fellow, soaking up some late afternoon sun:

Painted Turtle

He’ll be fine under the ice of the pond through the winter…

In the meantime, let’s all enjoy autumn together…

3 thoughts on “A Couple of Critters

  1. Oh my! It’s so cold here. The turtles are far below the surface. The leaves are falling like mad. I swept the deck twice this afternoon, and it is covered again. Here comes winter!!!

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