7 thoughts on “Anybody Recognize This?

  1. Tried to look up in my field guide but to no avail. The closest I came from trying to match the leaves was Cheeses, common mallow–an alien small creeping plant. The flowers are rose colored and small with flat round fruits which look like rounds of cheese.

  2. My first thought was that this might be the Parsley Family plant Water Pennywort (Hydrocotyle americana), except that its leaves are more deeply scalloped than would be expected. But the wet habitat is right. Did it have a parsley-like odor? It’s too late in the year to look for its tell-tale tiny flowers. Cheeses (Malva neglecta) does have a similar leaf but it grows in drier spots.

  3. I think Jackie is right – water pennywort, but the variety Hydrocotyle americana. Take a looksie online with this scientific name and see if it fits.

    PS – I love your new ID photo – the double exposure with you and the winter scene!!! I think I need to sign up for your photography class, too!

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