Work work work…

I had to go in to work today…  and such a tough task I had… 

We’ve set as one of our goals for the year to create a portfolio that describes our monthly “Little Explorers” program and provides some preliminary assessment about its effectiveness.  Part of the portfolio is to be photographs of grownups and kids participating in the program together.  I had already taken pictures in September.  We want to have some from every season.  Tough job, but somebody has to do it… 

It was the perfect day for it… one of those crisp, crystal, clear-blue, after-the-storm winter days with just enough snow to make it fun, but not enough to hamper driving.  The topic for the month was “Greens of the Seasons” and the indoor lesson started with an overview of our common evergreens… Pines, spruces, firs, and hemlock. The kids saw and handled samples of boughs and cones.

Little Explorers Miss Sarah

Fir or Spruce? Douglas Fir Cone

Then it was outside to see if we could find them growing on the property (and to play in the snow, of course).

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Better than Ice Cream!

Pitch Pine

Deer Bed under the White Pine

Back inside for snacks…

Juice and Pretzels (Indoor) Picnic Style

Then a craft…

Dad and Daughter Concentration!

Since I took these photos while “on the clock” – does this make me a professional photographer?

4 thoughts on “Work work work…

  1. Whether or not you’re a pro at photography, these photos are wonderful, capturing that marvelous curiosity of kids. Thanks for doing your part to encourage kids to get out and get excited about what’s out there.

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