Rest In Peace, Ancient One

We sent Moose gently off to kitty heaven at around noon
on December 19, 2009.

He was already an adult cat when he went to live with Barb’s mom. After Barb’s mom passed, he went to live with Barb. One Thanksgiving when we were taking care of Barb’s cats, we couldn’t stand to see how the others (who had claws) picked on Moose (who had none). So we brought him home…

We can’t even remember when that was exactly… but in the end, we estimate that Moose must have been in his late teens. Despite eating twice a day, he had become a sorry sight of skin and bones… his walk was unsteady… and his muscles would twitch in strange ways when he lay on the floor sleeping in front of the fridge where it was warm.

It was time. Even knowing that, it was hard.

11 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Ancient One

  1. jen: it is so very hard to know “when it is time”, but i think your moose knew he was ready.

    a crazy coincidence, but we have a moose, too, with MANY parallels! he is in his late teens, a Blue Russian (coat is a gorgeous gray), but also hard to tell his exact age because he lived next door for several years and he moved in with us about 5 years ago. he is also skinny and eating a lot, but is very, very good about taking his thyroid meds twice a day. wondering about his time is in our minds a lot these days, but for now, he still has the life spark and his joys greatly outweigh his sorrows.

    thanks for writing about your sad saturday. in case you were not sure, there IS definitely a kitty heaven!

  2. I got so I didn’t feel very much love for that old cat toward the end because he became such a pain in the neck. But I still shed a tear at the end.

  3. I share your sorrow. Our cat, Chloe, was taken from us this past July. She was a pound cat, whom we rescued in 1997. She developed some type of cancerous tumor in her nasal passages. I couldn’t stand to see her suffering. It was tough……

  4. Our pets are our family. Sadly, if you are too experience the joy of life it includes the end of life. It is the great circle. Glow with the memories — they are the richness of life. — barbara

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