Top Ten

Three Jars of Currant Jelly on the Floor in the SunAfter reading Seabrooke’s post about her most popular posts for 2009, I decided to check my WordPress stats, just for the heck of it…

Here are the top ten searches that drove people to my blog over the 365 days ending today (January 16, 2010).  The number in parentheses is the number of searches.

  1. currant jelly (642)
  2. dragonfly eggs (523)
  3. dragonfly sex (206)
  4. poison sumac (181)
  5. edible wild berries (176)
  6. little snakes (160)
  7. wildflower identification (143)
  8. porcupine scat (122)
  9. what eats milkweed (115)
  10. musclewood (107)

One thought on “Top Ten

  1. Wow! I was out of circulation for a while and missed some of these! I can see I’ll be busy catching up in your archives. I particularly enjoyed the Dragonfly Eggs post. Just fascinating! There’s so much to learn. Nerd? NOT!

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