Happy Midwinter!

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February 2nd falls midway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. While pop culture celebrates the day as Groundhog Day, for centuries it was celebrated by the Celts as Imbolc.

Celtic DesignThe name of the midwinter festival, Imbolc, comes from a Gaelic word for ewe’s milk, for at this time of year the ewes may be lactating in certain parts of the Northern Hemisphere. The festival celebrates this and other hints that Spring is starting to overtake Winter.

I plan to celebrate at work with more Snowflake Festival preparations. (Are you going to be there on Saturday?)

Here’s hoping “Phil” sees his shadow. I haven’t seen nearly enough snow yet!

Learn about groundhogs by clicking –> here.

3 thoughts on “Happy Midwinter!

  1. Fascinating! I find it most interesting how different things earn their names. Here’s another fine example! It’s also interesting to learn how the coming of spring is celebrated not only all over the world but historically. ~karen

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