Trees delight me… no matter the season.
Bursting forth in spring…
Verdant in summer…
Vibrant in autumn…
Bare and skeletal in winter…
Each species with its own pattern,
each individual with its own character.

American Beech
American Beech
ravaged by weather, disease, and time… still living… continually putting out new branches with leaves that will not leave…

Yellow Birch
Yellow Birch
curly, distinctive bark-skin… unmistakable – even when I forget the branching pattern and the shape of the buds…

European Larch
European Larch
bumpy, warty stems promise poofs of soft needles come spring…

Roadside Maple
this youngster stands proud and hopeful by the side of the road, unaware of the strange shape it will take when branches interfere with wires…

9 thoughts on “Branches

  1. These photos are wonderful, especially the first one. It is so soft looking in it’s winter environment. And, my favorite! I love beech trees in the winter, with their golden marcescent leaves luminating against the barrenous background of dark trunks and white snow. And I love how you showcase each tree’s beauty as a part of the whole. ~karen

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