In case you haven’t heard…

Rose Pogonia StampJeremy Martin, long time stamp collector, avid photographer, Allegany Nature Pilgrimage Dragonfly Workshop leader, member of both Jamestown and Buffalo Audubon Society, etc etc etc… has had one of his photographs selected for a Canadian Postage Service Stamp.

He took photos of the bog orchid Rose Pogonia at the Allenburg Bog, owned by Buffalo Audubon Society. He posted the photos on Flickr. The Canadian Postal Service found them on Flickr and contacted Jeremy.

The stamp is finally available. You can buy some for your collection by clicking –> here.

The original photo looks like this:

Congratulations, Jeremy! We couldn’t be happier for you!

4 thoughts on “In case you haven’t heard…

  1. That’s cool. I’m seeing more and more stories about people’s photos being found on Flickr and used for things. Have had a few of my own found that way. Wish they’d asked to use my pogonia photo! 😉

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