Still Waiting

It had been so warm for so many days.  Finally, rain.  But when the rain came, the temperatures dropped… into the 40s…  too cold, according to the experts, for the Spotted Salamanders to migrate to the pools.  I knew there was little hope of finding them, but I ventured out anyway with camera, flashlights, cell phone, and the list of people who are as anxious as me to see them.

The sound of the peepers ws deafening as I passed the ponds along the old farm road.

When I got to the pond, I heard plenty of Wood Frogs… but they stopped singing when I shone my flashlight into the water.  I searched and searched for salamanders, but saw nothing.  Just the eggs that the Jefferson’s had left a week or more ago…  and a few Wood Frog eggs.  The frogs stopped singing when I turned on my flashlight.

After searching, I decided to turn off the flashlight and get quiet so the Wood Frogs would sing some more.  I planned to get out my camera and capture their songs, as I had the Spring Peepers.  But they wouldn’t sing.

Then I heard a rustling in the leaves near the path.  I thought there was an animal visitor… perhaps a deer, or a raccoon.  A strange noise came from that direction – like the noise people make when they are “talking to” red squirrels…  I decided to get my cameral out so I could try to capture this strange sound…

Then it turned into giggling and a flashlight went on.  Pat and Denny!  Together we searched the pond and finally saw a few Spotted Salamanders… probably males that made it to the pond a while back…  Denny captured one so I could photograph it.


Not much activity in the pond on this cold night. On the way back, though, we saw plenty of Glowworms:

Hard to believe this critter will turn into a Firefly, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Sunday forecast – 58 degrees and 70 percent chance of rain. Sounds hopeful!
    I will let you know if I see any activity around the yard and pond tomorrow after it warms up again.

  2. Thank you SO much for the sound clip!!!! You have no idea how much those of us in “civilization” miss these things!!!!!!!!

  3. Still have not seen a spotted sally but there are lots of new egg bunches in the vernal pond and gray water pond that sure look like sally eggs. Also got pictures of a huge mass of wood frog eggs in the pond.
    I think I figured out why the pond is so busy this spring. Walked up to the vernal pools in the woods and they have very little freestanding water, just swampy leaf beds.
    I hate to say it but we need rain. : )

  4. I have a special talent when its time for the frogs mating season. I can seduce them out of the pond with my voice and coax them into my hand, willingly and romantically. There they sit, two maybe three, young, elligible male frogs. I have witnesses so don’t find this unbelievable, it truly must be seen to believe!

  5. Now that I would like to see !!!! : )
    My husband can go over and spray my tree frog and get him to talk to him, but the frog won’t do it for me when I try, and he won’t do it for my husband if I am in the room. Go figure. You would have to know my hubby to know how funny this is because he is not at all into herps the way I am, and could not imagine why I would even want to keep one as a pet, but for some reason he has really taken to this little guy.

  6. Your blog is great. Happy to find it!

    Can you recommend any good sites for identifying the different egg clusters of salamanders and frogs? I downloaded a few PDFs off the web, and have used some images from various nature ID guidebooks I have, but nothing is really coming across as a great resource. I’d welcome your thoughts.

    • If there was a big run, I don’t know where. We have one little ball of eggs in our vernal pool and have only ever seen a handful of them… This weekend promises to be warm and wet… but i don’t know if it is too late or not…

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