Gorgeous Hike

There is a beautiful creek in Allegany State Park with a bankside trail that is in fairly decent shape… though not well marked. It doesn’t need to be well-marked. Just go upstream until you’re tired, then turn around and go down stream….

Red House Brook

Although, once we found a trail that veered off from the brook, through some woods, to a utility road, and back down into camp… We didn’t take that route today… just upstream, and then back down. In some of the pools, we could see big, lovely trout… but they were not biting.

While Terry fished, I searched for flowers to photograph…

American Golden Saxifrage
American Golden Saxifrage (Chrysosplenium americanum)
This flower is tiny – smaller than the nail on my pinkie finger. The plant grows on mossy rocks in creeks… at least, that’s where I always find it… When I checked online, both the USDA plant database and eFloras.org do not list it in the counties where I hike. But I’ve found it in both Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties…

Red Trillium
Red Trillium (Trillium erectum)
A friend of mine had a picture of trillium in her yard. I was surprised… I hadn’t seen even a hint of leaves on any of my walks yet this year. I didn’t expect to see any today… Yet, there it was.

Hepatica (Hepatica)
We have two varieties that are native to our region – Sharp-lobed (H. acutiloba) and Round-lobed (H. americana). I shot a lot of pictures of the flowers today, but never looked at the leaves, so I don’t know which variety I have here…

I also saw and attempted photos (which didn’t turn out) of:

  • Trout Lily
  • Wood Anemone
  • Spring Beauties
  • Yellow Violets

It was such a pretty day… Started at 32 degrees with snow on the ground… Ended in the mid-50s with flowers opening…  I hated to leave the woods to go home…

6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Hike

  1. Jennifer, gorgeous flowers. I am doing the flower display for ANP. I have never seen the saxefrage. It is blooming now? What brook? My red trillium is blooming in my yard as well.

  2. I am quite amazed to see trillium this early. I keep trying to get it to grow in my yard, but it is not happy about being transplanted.

    Which creek are you hiking in ASP? (I am quite fond of France Brook off ASP 2 near the top of the hill.)


  3. I’m intrigued by the saxifrage – what interesting flowers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, but I’ll have to look for it now. How big of a creek? We’ve got little ones through our woods here, no more than a couple of feet wide most of the time. For larger watercourses I’d need to make a planned trip somewhere.

    • It doesn’t have to be a raging river! I’ve found it on mossy rocks in “creeks” that are really nothing more than a dribble heading down the hill… If there are mossy rocks, keep your eye open for them… They are TINY!

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