Happy Earth Day

Early Meadow-rue
Thalictrum dioicum

I loved this flower even before I found out it is dioecious.
(I love that word!)
It means the male and female flowers appear on different plants.

Early Meadow-Rue
Staminate Flowers (male)

Early Meadow-rue
Pistillate Flowers (female)

Early Meadow-rue Range Map eFlorasIt would be really easy to walk right past this small, inconspicuous member of the buttercup family. But try not to! It’s a lovely little flower that deserves your attention.

The eFloras website listed below claims that Native Americans made various concoctions from the roots to treat heart palpitations and other conditions.  Henrietta’s herbal page reports otherwise…  Whether it has medical properties or not, it’s a cool plant.  Look for it in moist woods.  And don’t forget:

Love your Mother (Earth)!

Happy Earth Day.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Ooh, your photo of the pistillate Thalictrum is so pretty! (Don’t you love saying “pistillate thalictrum”?) I’ve never seen the styles so pink. I hardly ever find the pistillate flowers, as a matter of fact, although the staminate ones abound in the woods around my home.

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